OWIT Conference

Four pieces of artwork for the OWIT (Organization of Women in International Trade) Conference:

• "Save the Dates" postcard mailed out months before the conference,

• The front page of the registration material,

• The front page of the conference material handed out at the conference,

• The OWIT poster

T-shirt, New Mexico Bike Tour

Artwork for the front and back of a T-shirt in remembrance of a bike tour in the mountains around Taos in New Mexico.

Book Cover

Design of book cover for "Half the Bed".


Design of Logo for DesignWise.

New Year 2000

Based on digital photos this example collage celebrates the event of a reunion of an international family.

Examples of Designs

Conference Material: Owit

T-shirt: New Mexico

Book Cover: Half the bed

Logo: DesignWise

Collage: Happy New Year