Most of my paintings are issued as printographs, but not all. This section shows printographs made after 2001. Look for printographs made before 2001 in the MorePrintograph section.

I personally make my printographs based on my original art. Technically, the printographs are not lithographs, but produced using modern technology. The sizes of the printographs are up to A2 (four times A4/US letter). Each printograph may be signed and dated.

The Printograph Collection is divided into 5 categories: Landscapes, Still Lifes, Figures, Abstracts and iPad Style.

The visual quality of the printographs is amazing with vibrant colors. Each brush stroke of the original painting appears in a high quality on the final printograph. Thus, when framed with a matboard (passepartout) the printographs look very much like real paintings.

The computer media opens up an excess of possibilities, and unique printographs may be created as variations of the available printographs. Consider the computer just another media for creating unique art and discover virtually limitless creativity.

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If you are only interested in original art, please look in the Paintings section.