Most of my paintings are issued as printographs. Ask me if you would like one of my paintings in this Painting section as a printograph.

If you are only interested in printographs, you will find additional printographs in the Printograph section and in the MorePrintograph section.

I enjoy painting. I am fascinated by colors. Just to put colors on a canvas makes me happy. I love the interplay between colors.

When I start a painting, I always use a lot of time to decide which palette of colors to use for the painting. I constrain myself to a limited set of colors, a special set of colors. Sometimes I use this selected set of colors only for one painting, sometimes for a series of paintings.

I love the wild nature, not the trimmed gardens. The long blades of grass, soft lines, the light in the trees, the wide meadows. Walking in nature a sight may strike me and stop my move, make me stare, creating an inspiration for a new painting.

Also, indoor life may inspire me. A half-completed meal, a certain composition of belongings, books, bowls, plates, glasses, clothes, furnitures, the untidiness. The light through the windows falling on all kind of indoor stuff. Suddenly, a certain view goes into my mind.

Politics, culture, physics, catastrophies, feelings, personal relations, the intrinsic dualism, all this interest me.

I stay in many beautiful places. Thus, my paintings are created while I stay in these places: A cottage in a big Swedish forest, a summerhouse in the beautiful North Sealand, an appartment in Copenhagen, a studio with a group of artists, on my way between places.

I paint in all kinds of media such as acrylics, oil bars, watercolors, markers, pastels, charcoal, water-soluble oils, but most of my current paintings are in acrylic on canvas. I paint in all kinds of sizes, e.g. 25 x 30cm, 30 x 40cm, 55 x 55cm, 50 x 70cm, 60 x 80cm, 90 x 65cm, 100 x 85cm, 120 x 55cm, 110 x 135cm.