In my current art I am focusing on the beauty of the world surrounding me. Therefore, I can best express my intentions by quoting the Norwegian poet and author, Nordahl Grieg: 


"Dette er løftet vort
fra bror til bror:
Vi skal bli’ gode mod
menneskenes jord.
Vi vil ta’ vare på
skønheden, varmen,
som om vi bar et barn
varsomt på armen."


"Now, this is the promise
that we will share:
We shall be good to,
we will take care
of our Earth, its beauty,
its warmth and charms,
as we would gently carry
a child in our arms."

by Nordahl Grieg.
I can explain some issues with words,
I may illustrate others with gestures,
and my audience may understand one "language" better than another.

Also, by choosing my language, I can either make myself completely understood,
or I can leave room for the audience's own interpretation --
in some cases even an interpretation that I did not have in mind.

Art may be a mirror of reality,
it may intend to reflect one's mind,
or it may be an explosion of imagination.

To me art is meaningful when it makes my mind wander.